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Last updated- June 27th, 2022

I thought I’d take the time here to answer any questions readers may have about the Dragon’s Breath Series.  This assumes you have finished the first four books up to Christmas with Dragons.  You should read each question carefully and if it’s something you don’t want spoiled, skip it!  If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you.

1) How many books are planned for this series?

I have story arcs in mind that could go for about seven novels.

2) When is the next installment coming out?

The fifth novel in the series should be out mid-August 2022.

3) Will the romance get any heavier in this series?

It will evolve slowly throughout the series with highs and lows, but you can certainly expect developments with each novel and the final book will have a happy ending.  As for explicit content, I’ve chosen to keep things lighter and cleaner than the Sensor novels. Kissing and embracing are about as far as the Dragon’s Breath Series books will go.

4) Will Conrad, Phoebe and the other side characters continue to have as much involvement in future books?

Yes.  Some more than others and you can expect their POVs to show up when the situation is right for it.

5) How much time will have passed between the end of book 4 and when book 5 begins?

A little over four months.

6) Will the Dragon’s Breath Series be coming back to Kindle Unlimited (KU)?

Not in the near future.  I will reconsider putting the books back into the program after the series is complete if the market is right to do so ( a better explanation would take too long).


If the above didn’t answer your question, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

8 thoughts on “Dragon’s Breath Series FAQ

  1. Are these books in traditional print or only kindle?
    I am enjoying the writing but my kindle seems to keep me awake whereas books help me sleep/ relax more. It’s an ADD thing I hear
    Thank you

  2. Can book 6 in the Sensor series and book 2 in the Dragons series be pre-ordered? If so, where would I find the ebooks to do so? I find pre-ordering is like giving yourself a surprise gift. On the day it’s available you open your Kindle and “SURPRISE!” your favorite author has sent you a present.

    Thank you in advance (pun intended) for answering my question.

    • Hello Robert, thanks for asking your question. I don’t do pre-order with my books but I do have a release alert sign-up list so that you can get a message from me as soon as the book is out with the retailer links. This is where you can sign up: http://eepurl.com/-pb-L

      I don’t spam anyone. It is used only to notify fans for when I have released a new book.

  3. I was wondering if this series would be appropriate for young readers. My 11 year old is a huge dragon fan and loves the Wings of Fire Series, and I think he may be interested in this series as well.


    • Hello, Mark. Thanks for your interest in the series. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would be appropriate for an eleven-year-old. There isn’t any explicit content in the books, but there is foul language. My uncle, who has lost most of his vision, listened to the audio version of Stalked by Flames while on a road trip with his grandchildren. The two eight-year-old girls in the vehicle loved it and were able to recite back all the events they heard (without repeating the bad words) and infer things about the story with surprising insight, but I’m still rather uncomfortable that they heard the cuss words. I’d meant for the series to target 16+ readers. It would probably be better to wait a few years, and consider the language issue.

  4. Hello, I read a few of the Dragonbreath books when they were in my school’s library as a kid, and would like to look at the full series now as an adult. I was wondering if the series was out or couple possibly be put in Kindle Unlimited? I couldn’t seem to find it when I looked, but would love to revisit the series!

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