August 2018 Update

I have been getting a lot of messages asking when the next books will be coming out.  My apologies that it’s taken a while to give a definitive answer on that, but I have good news!

I’m close to wrapping up the final novel in the Dark Destiny Series that will be released later this month.  Thankfully, I’ve found a good baby sitter who has been able to watch my son and allow me to buckle down on my writing again.  The little guy has gotten rather mobile with crawling and standing, and it’s tough to watch him and work at the same time.

For the Dragon’s Breath Series, I’ll be working on that next.  There are still three novels to go to wrap it up.  I expect book five should be out mid to late November, and the sixth in  early spring.  I’ll stay working on that series until it is wrapped up, so there shouldn’t be any more delays.  Thanks to everyone for their patience.  I promise to post more on that as the time gets closer.

For now, expect the official cover reveal and novel summary with the specific release date for Destined for Eternity next week.  Hope all is well with you all!

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