Interview with Connie Suttle

I’d like to welcome author Connie Suttle to my blog today, who is here to answer a few questions about herself.  She’s a fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal mystery writer.  So far, she has about forty-two books and short stories published between nine series.

We’ll be focusing on her Blood Destiny Series today, but her work is generally all linked together in the same universe.  To find out more about the first starter book, Blood Wager, scroll to the bottom of the post.  It’s currently free for a limited time.

Now, on to the interview!


What is the longest you’ve ever stayed awake?  Why?

Two days—my husband was in ICU and the prognosis at the time wasn’t good.

What is your current country of residence?  Have you visited other countries?

U.S. resident. I’ve visited Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Loved all of it!

What is your beverage of choice when you first wake up?  What happens if you can’t get it?

Coffee, and I’m quite grumpy if I don’t get my fix!

Do you have pets?  If so, what kind and do they help you write your books?

My cats think they help. I call it cat help, which is worse than no help at all 🙂


If someone was willing to pay you a million dollars cash to run down the street naked, would you do it?

Depends on which street!

What genres of books do you like to read?

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Driven my 1986 Camaro through floodwaters. No worries—I’ll never do that again.

Name a few of the TV shows you like to watch.

Big Bang Theory, Lucifer, Killjoys, Madame Secretary. Loved Limitless, but it was canceled 🙁

What would be your weapon of choice if society crumbled and it was each man/woman for themself?

A ranos pistol

What is your favorite meal (including side dishes)?

Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes (with gravy) fresh green beans. All home-cooked.

If money were no object, what kind of car would you get?

A Wiesmann GT MF5 “Lizard King.”

Name a mystical creature you wish you could have as a pet.

A dragon.

What would be your ideal writing retreat?

My very own island with a deserted beach view.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

There’s an outdoors????? When did that happen?


Connie, thanks for stopping by to visit today!  You and I have the same favorite meal (we must be from the same state, lol).  Love the TV show Lucifer, and I’m just as disappointed that Limitless was canceled.  How could they do such a thing?


Connie Suttle lives in Oklahoma with her long-suffering husband and three cats. The cats are not long-suffering. In fact, they’ve banded together and hired a lawyer to present all their demands.

You can visit her at her website here:


Connie Suttle is currently running a free promotion on Amazon for the first novel in her Blood Destiny series, Blood Wager, from now until Sep 25th.  You can pick up your copy at this link:

bloodwager3dBOOK SUMMARY:

“I agree to pay Sergio Velenci one million pounds if the female takes less than nine days to fully turn.”

Lissa’s life as a vampire begins on the day her husband is removed from life support. Turned by rogues who wager her life, Lissa is running from her maker who is determined to kill her, hunted by the Council who has branded her a rogue and blackmailed by werewolves, who utilize her newly-developed talents for their own gain.


***Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited***



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