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I’ve got author K.F. Breene here today to answer a few questions about herself.  She’s an urban fantasy, paranormal, and epic fantasy writer with thirteen books published so far.  Her series include the Darkness Series and Warrior Chronicles.  Today, we’ll be focusing on her novel, Chosen, which you can read more about at the end of the post.

Now on to the interview!


What is the longest you’ve ever stayed awake?  Why?

I’ve stayed awake for 36 hours. I went to Italy and our flight was first delayed in San Francisco, and then in London. I can’t sleep on planes or while sitting upright, so I was awake the whole time. Guinness in Heathrow got me through it. My husband didn’t fare so well.

What is your current country of residence?  Have you visited other countries?

I live just north of San Francisco near wine country in the U.S. I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, and a few places in Europe. I love traveling, so I will definitely be going to more places.

What is your beverage of choice when you first wake up?  What happens if you can’t get it?

I don’t have any sort of “first waking up” anything, other than grumpiness. I don’t really drink coffee, I don’t need to have tea, and I don’t always have a protein shake for breakfast, so it’s a case by case situation. This means that if I wake up and any one thing is missing, it doesn’t put me out in the slightest. I had Pepsi this morning because the husband had opened it. It went well with my slice of pizza.

Do you have pets?  If so, what kind and do they help you write your books?

I don’t have any pets at the moment except two children, who follow me around like puppies. Soon I’ll be getting a Doberman, which is my favorite kind of dog.

If someone was willing to pay you a million dollars cash to run down the street naked, would you do it?

I’ve done it for free. Tequila is a crazy thing. But while sober, I’m still not put out by nakedness. Having kids will do that to a person—you just stop caring. At least I did. If my body is my temple, then I’ve had one too many sacrifices. At four in the morning the other weekend I went to my car in a thong and tank top to hunt for my kid’s pacifier. She was screaming (she’s an infant) and I was at my wit’s end.
Again, I’ve just stopped caring. If it’s the middle of the night and I’m tired—anything goes.

What genres of books do you like to read?

I like everything. If it has a good story, I’ll read it. I need to move around, as well, because I get bored with the same thing too many times in a row.

In unrelated news, I almost always struggle spelling boredom and bored. Why, I don’t no. So that just happened.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Jaysus—take a number. I really can’t pick one. If you read my books, especially the straight romances, pick out the craziest thing in there, that you can’t imagine could ever happen in real life, and I guarantee that was based off of personal experience. I love the thrill of the moment, so I just DO. I don’t really think about it. I take risks and act like a lunatic. Add alcohol and a party? Yeah. I’m nuts. I volunteered to be whipped at the S&M street fair in San Francisco (I learned quickly that that is not my thing, but I was tied in—one of my stupider ideas. Yes, I had clothes on).

I took my kid down Bourbon Street at 10pm after a rain storm—she had the time of her life, at 5. I complimented a naked guy at Gay Pride for his huge penis, and muttered that I hoped he was a bottom, because ouch. I jumped off a horse because I thought it was about to buck me off. I’ve streaked, skinny dipped in lakes, peed outdoors (no matter the setting), wandered around the front yard in a robe with a bottle of wine, swam in a fountain after bottomless mimosas on the Las Vegas strip… There’s no end.

All fun and games until the cops are called. And yes, I’ve run from the cops on several occasions when they came to break up a party.  I’m not as crazy now because I’m stuck at home with the kids. Which is probably a good thing. Until they are grown. Then, shenanigans.

Name a few of the TV shows you like to watch.

I don’t really like watching TV. When I do it’s because the husband does nothing else, so I watch Masterchef or Hells Kitchen, because I like Gordon Ramsey, America’s Got Talent and the Voice, mostly because of the announcers, and American Ninja Warrior. Competitions, mostly, so I can shut the brain off. Otherwise, I’d rather be reading or working (which is some part of authoring). Without the kids I’d be forcing myself to go walking or running. When that baby grows up a little bit watch out! I’ll be FREE!!!!

What would be your weapon of choice if society crumbled and it was each man/woman for themself?

Gun. I’d want a rifle for the long shot, and a handgun for running between place to place. Unless people count as weapons, in which case, I’d want to make great friends with someone who had special ops training and a really bad attitude.

What is your favorite meal (including side dishes)?

It changes. I don’t have a favorite. It really depends on my mood.

If you could witness any event in history, what would it be?

I’d love to see the turmoil of the Vietnam era from a distance. I’d want to feel the atmosphere and the tone of that time. See what the media was like and the general outlook. It seems like a crazy time, and I want to feel that, but without actually living it.

What is the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

What’s weird to me is tame to a lot of my friends. What I didn’t love was dear heart. Ew. It was cut up and put on my spaghetti (my dad is a hunter). Other than that, I’ve experimented a bit because friends have made me and you can get anything in San Francisco. I wouldn’t know what of that is weird, though. Maybe most.

If money were no object, what kind of car would you get?

I just got one of my dream cars, which is an Audi. It isn’t as cool as I’ve always made it up to be, and for that reason, I don’t really care about cars anymore. Although, if I could go as fast as I wanted, I’d get the fastest car I could and go nuts. I love speed.

Name a mystical creature you wish you could have as a pet.

None. It would probably be a diva. Yeah, unicorn, your horn is great, but your pooping all over the front walk is not. Move along! Don’t you toss your head at me, you’re not that great, I don’t care what the neighborhood kids have to say!

What would be your ideal writing retreat?

I used to write overlooking Ocean Beach. In addition to well built surfers changing and surfing right there, one day I saw dolphins. As far as writing goes, that’s where I like to do it. As far as a retreat goes, I’d rather be somewhere mundane with a bunch of like-minded writers so we can talk business.

When I travel, I like to experience my surroundings and make notes that’ll go in a future books. I don’t like wasting my time with my head in a made-up land, so for me, I don’t write when I travel to great places. That’s why I’d want a mundane place, so I’m not missing out on anything.

You should know that I am an extroverted-introvert. I’m crazy, and like to be in the buzz of people, and like to be OUT experiencing life, but then I need to have some quiet time to process. I need a balance of both. So I’m not like most writers, and staying indoors writing, in a buzzing city, would be torture.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

A BBQ with friends and fun, especially if there are lawn games or something to do. That’s a good time.


Thanks for stopping by to visit today, K.F.!  Loved your stories about your wild and crazy times.  Like you, I can be both an extrovert and introvert, so I totally understand how that works.


K.F. Breene is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING author of the Darkness Series and Warrior Chronicles. She lives in wine country where over every rolling hill, or behind every cow, an evil sorcerer might be plotting his next villainous deed while holding a bottle of wine and brick of cheese. Her husband thinks she’s cracked for wandering around, muttering about magic and swords. Her kids are on board with her fantastical imagination, except when the description of the monsters becomes too real.
She’ll wait until they’re older to tell them that monsters are real, and so is the magic to fight them. She wants them to sleep through the night, after all…

Never miss the next monster!

You can visit her at her website here:


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It is said that when war threatens the world, one individual will be selected by prophecy to lead the Shadow Warriors out of the Land of Mist and reclaim the freedom which has been stolen.
Shanti has grown up under the constant threat of war. Since she helped her people defeat a raiding party by using a special power, she’s been a hunted woman. Carrying rare abilities and an uncanny fighting aptitude, Shanti is the only hope of salvation for her people. The problem is, she doesn’t believe in her own divinity, and when she flounders, she nearly fails in the duty hanging so heavy on her shoulders.

It seems like any other day when Sanders and his band of misfit boys find a foreign woman clinging to life in the wastelands. Oblivious to the weapon they now have in their possession, they are content to harbor the mysterious woman until she is well enough to continue her journey.

But when the war spreads its arms and lands on her borrowed doorstep, Shanti has no choice but to reveal her secrets, plunging her saviors into danger. If they band with her, they will face certain death. But to trade her to Xandre, the warlord desperate to add her to his war machine, would be to give up their entire way of life.

War is coming. The only choice becomes: Which side do you choose?

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  1. Great interview!! I love the questions! But I probably wouldn’t go outside in a thong, I have yelled for the porch in a towel when my dog escaped the backyard!!

    • <3 I just realized that the heart in that form actually looks like a penis. So basically, I'm leaving little penises all over the page. So that's something.

  2. You are a corker K F Breene. Full of fun & adventure. Your Interview was a great way to see inside you. And this is why I love your books. I also see you in your them. I.see Jessica Brodie in you. Keep writing…you have a long way to go!!!

  3. Loved the interview! I’m one clicking chosen right now!! I’ve read the darkness series and LOVED IT! Can’t wait to start this one!

  4. Ok, the thong and t shirt outside checking for a pacifier in the car: lol I can definitely see that happening. Love your sense of humor and that you inject it into every book you write. Can’t wait for the next ok last (insert sigh with sobbing here) Warrior Chronicles! Please let us know the sex and name of Sanders baby….I love his character soooo much. He’s hilarious!

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