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I just wanted to give some updates on author interviews.  How long they will continue and which authors will be visiting over the next couple of months.  I’ve also got some news on the French translation of the Sensor Series and there’s been a change for some of you subscribing to this blog.

Author Interviews

The interviews have been going really well so far.  I’ve gotten some awesome authors to participate in the Friday installments and the reader turnout has been good.  For those of you who haven’t been following them, you really should.  The questions are fun and allow you to get to know authors outside of their writing in new and interesting ways.  Many of them also give away free ebooks, paperbacks, and other prizes.

The interviews will continue through to the week before Thanksgiving (except the week Forged by Flames is released).  After that, the holidays will be upon us and I won’t have the time to continue them, but I hope you all enjoy them while they last!

Below is the finalized schedule for the rest of the year.  Hopefully, you recognize at least a few of the names!

Sep 9th– Erin Zarro
Sept 16th– KF Breene
Sept 23rd– Connie Suttle
Sept 30th– JT Bock
Oct 7th– Devon Monk
Oct 14th– Kate Danley
Oct 21st– Mark Henwick
Nov 4th– Helen Harper
Nov 11th– Elizabeth Hunter
Nov 18th– Yasmine Galenorn

The Sensor Series in French

Actually, it’s just called the “Melena Sanders Series” over there since I think the publisher found that series title easier to use.  Darkness Haunts was published last spring in French and it’s sold really well so far.  My publisher has informed me that they’ve wrapped up the translation for Darkness Taunts (Trompée par les Ténèbres) and they’re now in the editing phase.  It looks like they’ll publish book 2 in October.  Chained by Darkness (book 2.5) will follow soon thereafter with a December release.

I’m really excited for how the series has done so far and that it managed to climb into the top 100 of Amazon France for a few days during its first month, which was awesome.  This is my first experience with having translated books and I’m glad I took a chance on it.

Blog subscriber changes

Up until now, there have been two ways to subscribe to the blog.  I’d meant for there to only be one, but when I added WordPress Jetback a while back it added a second, and some people ended up signing up with that.  About seventy percent of you were subscribed to the first.

Unfortunately, the old plugin has been giving me a lot of problems recently, to include not sending out new post notifications properly.  I transferred the email addresses of those subscribers over to a MailChimp RSS feed that will only send you an email once a day if there are any new posts.  You haven’t been signed up for anything else, so not to worry about that.

Those of you who signed up through WordPress will not have seen any difference.  Others may have noticed the layout for post notifications has changed in the past week, but I think it actually looks a lot better than the plugin I was using before which was rather plain.  If you don’t like it, though, there is a way to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.  Anyone new to the blog will be signing up for the WordPress subscription.

If you’d like to be signed up for the MailChimp RSS blog feed and you aren’t already, this is the link:  http://eepurl.com/cd4vfz


That’s all for now.  Hope everyone’s week is going well!

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