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I’ve got a few updates for you all on the Dragon’s Breath series.  A lot of people are wanting a date they can mark on their calendars for when future books will come out.  Also, I’m still getting asked about audio for Dancing with Flames.  Plus, I’ve got news about upcoming holiday novellas.

Forged by Flames release date and cover info

My goal is to have the novel out on October 27th.  It’s looking like it will be at least as long as Dancing with Flames, maybe longer.

I don’t have a cover for it yet because I’ve had to switch photographers and models (long story).  This means getting all new shots done for the rest of the series (which is going to be at least 5-6 more books).  On a bright note, I’ll be using a team in the Oklahoma City area so I can actually be at the photo shoot, whereas before everything took place in Boston, MA.  Other than one especially long trip, I couldn’t make it up there.  I have the photo shoot scheduled for the middle of this month, and I’m in the midst of getting wardrobe and props organized for it.  As my team of helpers can testify (thank God for their help), there is a lot that goes into these because you have to plan the poses, mood of the shots, and which garments/props the model will be using.

It will take at least a week or so after the photo shoot for the photographer to get me the final images.  I’ll pick the ones I like and get those to the cover designer to start work.  For the dragon series, all the artwork is done from scratch so it can take another week or two for the artist to finish the design.  Then I’ll have to have typography added.  So the cover reveal will be much closer to the release date than what I normally do but please hang in there.  I think this next cover is going to turn out awesome based on what we have planned.

Dancing with Flames audio

The audiobook is set to release on October 18th.  Marguerite Gavin (the narrator) has had a rather full schedule, but she tweeted recently that she’d started recording the book.  Those of you who are waiting for the audio don’t have too much longer to go!

Holiday novellas

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I would be re-releasing the Kerbasi holiday story that was originally part of an anthology.  That will be coming out on November 28th.  I will probably put up a pre-order for that one once I have the cover designed.

The Dragon’s Breath series will also be getting its first holiday novella.  Book 3 (Forged by Flames) takes place from late November into early December.  The Christmas novella I’m going to write will start about a couple of weeks after that on the series timeline.  It will focus on what it’s like to celebrate the holidays in a post-apocalyptic world, and it will be a bit lighter than the main series novels.  My plan is to make it somewhere between 30-40k words so it will be longer than any of the other holiday stories I’ve written so far. I’m hoping it will be meaty enough to have a paperback version as well for those who’d want it.

My design helper team and I have some fun plans for the cover.  It’s definitely going to have a Christmas with dragons sort of theme.  The expected release date for it is December 15th.


That’s it for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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