Interview with Anthea Sharp

For this week’s interview, I’ve got Anthea Sharp here to tell us a little about herself.  She writes urban fantasy with romantic elements and dabbles in science fiction.  So far, she’s published eleven novels with most of those from her bestselling Feyland series, and several short stories set in an alt-history Victorian Spacepunk universe.

The first novel in Anthea’s Feyland series, Feyland: The Dark Realm, is currently free to download on all retailers for those interested.  She is also giving away a paperback copy of the novel, but you’ll have to read further down this post for details on that.

Now, on to the interview!


What is the longest you’ve ever stayed awake? Why?

23 hours. My first trip to Europe, I took a night flight and couldn’t sleep on the plane, and we arrived in Paris in the morning. I didn’t want to miss a single daylight second in that magical city, so I made myself stay awake until I hit the wall at about 7pm. Chocolate croissants and the fabulous newness of being there kept me going.

What is your beverage of choice when you first wake up? What happens if you can’t get it?

After spending some time in Ireland, I got addicted to drinking strong black tea with milk. Some days I put a bit of sugar in it. Not every tea will do, however! PG Tips and Irish Breakfast from Trader Joe’s are my two favorites.

Do you have pets? If so, what kind and do they help you write your books?

I have a sweet orange tabby, who fell out of a tree a couple years ago and is now a tripod. He gets around really well, though. And yes, he thinks lying on the mouse and keyboard is totally “helping.”

Anthea tabby catIf someone was willing to pay you a million dollars cash to run down the street naked, would you do it?

In a heartbeat. But I live in a hippie town. 😉

What genres of books do you like to read?

Fantasy and science fiction, all kinds, and especially YA. Yes, my roots are showing (grins).

What would be your weapon of choice if society crumbled and it was each man/woman for themselves?

My little brother, who is a 3rd degree black belt and knows his way around all kind of weapons, including guns, knives, etc.

If money were no object, what kind of car would you get?

I would love a Tesla! I sat in one at a showroom last month. Me and some random little kid in the driver’s seat (who would *not* get out despite his mother’s imploring) had a great time pushing all the buttons and pretending we were taking a trip to the moon. It’s weird to see only trunk space where the engine ought to be!


Thanks so much, Anthea, for visiting us today.  I can certainly understand why you would want to stay awake for so long after arriving in Paris.  Also, love the pic of your cat you’ve shared with us!


~USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of Urban Fantasy ~

Growing up on fairy tales and computer games, Anthea Sharp has melded the two in her award-winning, bestselling Feyland series, which has sold over 200k copies worldwide.

Anthea lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she writes, hangs out in virtual worlds, plays the fiddle with her Celtic band Fiddlehead, and spends time with her small-but-good family.

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Anthea is giving away one paperback copy of the first novel in her Feyland series, The Dark Realm, to one random person who comments on this post.  This is open to international contestants.  The winner will be selected on Tuesday, August 9th, and contacted via email shortly thereafter.


Feyland Dark Realm~ USA Today Bestselling Urban Fantasy ~
What if a high-tech computer game was a gateway to the dangerous Realm of Faerie?

Feyland is the most immersive computer game ever designed, and Jennet Carter is the first to play the prototype. But she doesn’t suspect the virtual world is close enough to touch – or that she’ll be battling for her life against the Dark Queen of the faeries.

Tam Linn is the perfect hero, in-game. Too bad the rest of his life is seriously flawed. The last thing he needs is rich-girl Jennet prying into his secrets, insisting he’s the only one who can help her.

Together, Jennet and Tam enter the Dark Realm of Feyland, only to discover that the entire human world is in danger. Pushed to the limit of their abilities, they must defeat the Dark Queen… before it’s too late.

*Buy the entire Feyland Trilogy in one epic digital boxed set –

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10 thoughts on “Interview with Anthea Sharp

  1. Hi Anthea, I loved the Feyland series; I’ve read all of them on my Kindle. I would love to win the paperback copy though so I can share it with my friends in Qatar (we don’t get many books here). I also recently read Elfhame which I absolutely adored (I’ve read it twice). Your cat looks very happy, even if he proved landing on your feet doesn’t always end well :).

    • He is a pretty mellow kitty, all told. 😉

      I’m so happy you enjoyed Elfhame! I have plans to start on Book 2 later this fall. And, wow, you live in Qatar! In Doha? That looks like an amazing place~

  2. Feyland is wonderful. It’s a pleasant meld of SF and fantasy, kid friendly without being boring. Also music is a huge part of my life, which shows up less in Feyland compared to Anthea’s other short stories. (So check those out too)

  3. Cute kitty.We have a tripod cat who lives at the veterinary hospital I work at.She runs so fast that I joke it’s a good thing she doesn’t have all four legs because we would never catch her.Her name is Eileen (I lean).

    • lol! Great name. 😉 My tripod still catches mice – he’s amazing! When he’s “walking” he really galumphs up and down, but running, he’s smooth and sleek as lightning.

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